Teekay vessel "Navion Hispania" heading into a cleaner future with the GBA Marine CVOC system...

CVOC™ System receives significant updates!

Based on the original CVOC™ system that has been in operation on crude oil tankers world wide since 2007, GBA Marine is now introducing the CVOC™ Transport System. Featuring an updated version of our patented Swirl Absorber™ and a number of other tweaks and modifications, the CVOC™ Transport System now offers increased efficiency with lower power consumption and lower cost compared to the original CVOC™ system.

The CVOC™ Transport System is mainly aimed at conventional tankers, and is tailored to be as efficient as possible during sea voyage, i.e. with full cargo tanks. It is still possible to use the CVOC™ Transport System during loading, but the absorption effect will be reduced until the cargo tank where the system is installed is full.

For Shuttle Tankers, FSOs, FPSOs and other vessels where VOC recovery during loading is essential, we will soon introduce the CVOC™ Loading System. The new system utilizes the same principles and technology for absorption of VOC as the CVOC™ Transport System, and also shares all the same advantages including automated operation, low power consumption and low maintenance requirements due to few moving parts.

The new design enables the CVOC™ Loading System to run at full efficiency independent of cargo tank level as long as the pump inlet is submerged and the pump has positive suction pressure. This makes it significantly more efficient during loading operations, and also on voyages with partial cargo. Capacity can be further increased by installing additional Swirl Absorbers™ in the base system.

Installation flexibility has also been improved, and the CVOC™ Loading System may be delivered with electric or hydraulic deep-well pumps in addition to the traditional pump room arrangement with EX motor or gas tight transmission to a motor in the engine room. There are virtually no restrictions on pipe routing as long as good practice and normal Yard standards are followed.

We are currently working on the patent application for the CVOC™ Loading System, and further details will be released as soon as this is in place. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding any of our products.




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